Newsletter 2007/01

SPACE / TRAFIC 3.0 at Record-breaking Terminal

Last year the new SPACE/TRAFIC 3.0 was launched at Westports Malaysia and has been running smoothly ever since, enabling the terminal to reach once more record-breaking results.

Westports has been using Cosmos applications since its start-up in 1997 and has achieved a spectacular growth while reaching high levels of productivity and performance. Its rise in handled volume to up to 3.7 million TEU has made Westports one of Cosmos' bigger customers.
Early 2006, Westports was the first terminal to upgrade to SPACE/TRAFIC 3.0 in a production environment and has been using this new SPACE/TRAFIC version successfully ever since. This undoubtedly contributed to the high levels of productivity and efficiency.

Some of the interesting features of SPACE/TRAFIC 3.0 include pre-planning functions, multiple boundaries, improved pooling ability and a complete redesign of the graphical user interface.


Cosmos DGPS Solutions - Keeping Track of your Containers

Despite the most advanced software solutions in use, every terminal will occasionally be confronted with misplaced containers, as drivers may not always be able to correctly execute the instructions they receive. To avoid this, Cosmos has successfully integrated DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) into its applications, resulting in a higher operational efficiency of terminal operations.

DGPS solutions can be implemented for a variety of applications, going from a standard Container Positioning System to a more sophisticated automation of your terminal using for example "complex fleet management" and "automatic steering for RTGs".

To assure seamless integration of the DGPS hardware with the Cosmos SPACE and TRAFIC applications, Cosmos collaborates with several partners specialized in delivering high-quality DGPS solutions, guaranteeing a high return on investment.

Cosmos has already implemented DGPS solutions at 8 terminals. Several other customers are planning to install DGPS to complement their currently installed applications.

Open Training Classes and Certification

On a regular basis Cosmos organises Open Training Classes for each of its applications. These Open Training Classes allow customers to send just a few people, who are either new users of the system - in case of a basic training - or more experienced users looking to follow the advanced courses.
After completing the course, each participant is invited to take an examination. When successful, the participant receives an official Cosmos certificate. 
The program for the upcoming courses is as follows:




 Europe - Antwerp  Advanced  September 2007

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