Getting a clear overview of all activities and operations on your terminal is indispensible. The Cosmos host application CTCS supports and controls all administrative and operational terminal activities.



CTCS integrates:

  • Control of all administrative and technical gate operations for delivery and pick-up of containers via truck, rail, vessel and barge
  • Enhanced order management for the storage of details of expected containers
  • Follow-up of all container movements and positions in the yard
  • Container logistics and support of specific customer instructions for seals, stickers, weighing of containers, etc.
  • Customs support functions
  • Facilities and gateways to container freight station and repair shop
  • Several reports, statistics, automatic invoicing and archiving
  • Support for RDT communication
  • Advanced "standing orders" utility
  • Break bulk support
  • Multi terminal facilities
  • Self-service truck counter
  • Report scheduler
  • Shift and gang productivity reporting

Tuned to your terminal's needs

CTCS is fully compliant with the already existing procedures and needs of your terminal.

It is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian and Russian.

The established procedures on your terminal are translated into CTCS, allowing you to define the sequence of the administrative and physical inspections and incorporate the potential customs formalities.   

Time and effort saving

CTCS significantly simplifies and optimizes various terminal procedures. Save time and resources by implementing the self-service counter where truck drivers can perform the administrative formalities themselves.

You can easily correct operational discrepancies or carry out special actions by means of the Quick Gate function, which offers shortcuts for otherwise elaborate procedures.

Real-time communication

CTCS communicates in real-time with the COSMOS automatic control and planning modules i.e. Yard Planning System SPACE, Transporter Control System TRAFIC, Vessel Planning System SHIPS and EDI Messages Monitor SIGNAL.




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